Lawyer of victims of summary execution policy reacts to new investigation into decolonization Dutch East-Indies

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Amsterdam, 19 April 2017 – In late 2016, the State of the Netherlands ordered an investigation into the decolonization of the Dutch East-Indies (1945-1949). Among other things, the investigation will focus on the structural violence that was committed by Dutch soldiers during that period.

Yesterday, Eén Vandaag aired a radio discussion between Fridus Steijlen (KITLV), one of the coordinators of the investigation, and lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld, who represents hundreds of surviving relatives of the Dutch military violence.  Part of the radio-broadcast was a report which told the story of Nini Turaiza who lost her father Tulus during the large-scale attack on Rengat and surroundings (Sumatra) on 5 January 1949. At the time, Tulus was the regent (bupati) of Rengat; he and several others were summarily executed by the Dutch army in front of his residence. Nini Turaiza is one of the child-victims who took the Dutch State to court earlier this year, in light of the unlawful death of her father.

Click here for the radio-broadcast (in Dutch).


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