Migration law

The lawyers at Prakken d'Oliveira have extensive experience in the areas of asylum law, (regular) immigration law and nationality law. They work with national and international organizations such as Amnesty International and the Dutch Council for Refugees. Thanks to close collaboration with London-based international law firm Doughty Street Chambers, Prakken d'Oliveira is able to offer advice that extends across international borders.

Bringing an employee to the Netherlands
Prakken d'Oliveira assists companies that would like to bring specialist personnel to the Netherlands, for example via the Highly Skilled Migrants program (kennismigrantenregeling), or by applying for a work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning). We can supervise the entire application process and, if necessary, conduct subsequent procedures.

Starting your own business in the Netherlands
Your right to start a business in the Netherlands depends on a number of factors, such as your nationality and the type of business you would like to conduct. The lawyers at Prakken d'Oliveira are familiar with the all the various options, such as the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, the Dutch-Japanese Trade Treaty and the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement.

Bringing a partner or relative to the Netherlands
Reuniting families is a fundamental human right, but the rules are complex. Prakken d'Oliveira has extensive experience guiding applications to reunite individuals with their partners, children or other relatives. We can also represent you in (legal) procedures.

Other reasons
Should you wish to apply for a residency permit for other reasons, such as for study or medical reasons, you have also come to the right law firm.

Applying for a visa
Applications for short (family) stay visas are often rejected. Prakken d'Oliveira can help you increase your chances of a successful application, as well as a succesful objection (and if necessary, appeal) against a rejection of your application.

Applying for a Dutch passport
If and when you are eligible for a Dutch passport is often a complicated matter. Prakken d'Oliveira can help with your application and assist you in subsequent procedures.

European law
Dutch immigration law is increasingly influenced by European Union law. Not only European citizens, but also their relatives have certain rights under European law. As an internationally oriented firm, Prakken d'Oliveira has extensive knowledge and experience in this field, including in conducting procedures before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

The lawyers at Prakken d'Oliveira are known for their considerable track record in the field of asylum law.  Our lawyers represent clients in all stages of the asylum procedure. They can also assist you with a repeat application if there are reasons to believe that your case would be promising. Over the years, our lawyers have built up expertise with regard to Kurdish, Afghan and Somali cases, so-called '1F-cases' and in cases relating to family-reunification for refugees.

European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
Prakken d'Oliveira is one of the few firms in the Netherlands that has experience in conducting procedures before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.  Those procedures can relate to migration law, e.g. a threat of deportation in breach of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman treatment), Article 5 (in relation to alien detention) or Article 8 (right to family life).

Withdrawal of residence permit
Anyone who receives a notifaction from the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) of the intention to withdraw their residence permit, should seek specialized help immediately. With the appropriate response, withdrawal of the permit may still be avoided, or it might be possible to obtain an alternative residence permit. Prakken d'Oliveira has a lot of experience with these types of procedures.


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