Tamara Buruma
‘In criminal justice, it can be dangerous to believe that one's ideas are good and that one has found the right way of doing things.’
W.H. Nagel, Het strafrecht en de onmens

Tamara Buruma (1985)

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As a criminal lawyer, Tamara Buruma focuses on international criminal cases with a political component, such as genocide, terrorism, and piracy, and also non-violent activism during demonstrations and complaints about government action. She also handles complex money laundering and fraud cases. In her work, she combines thorough investigation of the facts with well-thought-out legal arguments. As an appeals specialist, she's not afraid to question existing case law and elicit new interpretations. She is partner since 2017.

Lawyer since 2010

Additional activities
Tamara has been admitted as co-counsel to the List of Counsel of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.
Member of the foundation Mens en Strafrecht (for a Humane Criminal Justice System) (MenS), the Dutch Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers (NVSA) and the criminal law advisory committee of the Dutch Bar Association. She is also a member of the association Criminal Defence Lawyers at the Court of Cassation (VCAS).

External PhD-candidate at Leiden University: Incitement (art. 131 Dutch Criminal Code) in a changed society.



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