International law & Human rights

The lawyers at Prakken d’Oliveira advise and litigate about the most diverse types of (international) cases. They work together with civil society and maintain close ties to the academic world.

The lawyers at the International law & Human rights department can assist you with, among others, the following cases:

  • Torts-proceedings with regard to violations of human rights, constitutional rights  and international law
  • Other civil proceedings with a human rights component
  • Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights or one of the human rights treaty bodies of the United Nations
  • Advice and proceedings concerning international organizations
  • Advice about international law and human rights matters
  • Advice and proceedings concerning corporate social responsibility (Business and Human Rights)
  • Assistance to victims/injured parties in criminal cases

Victims (international humanitarian law, human rights, constitutional  rights)
Since its establishment, Prakken d’Oliveira has focused on international humanitarian law (law of war), human rights and constitutional rights. The lawyers at the International law & Human rights department have outstanding knowledge and (litigation)experience in these areas of the law. Based on the facts of your case, they will determine which legal possibilities are available to enforce your human rights or to receive compensation for damage you have suffered. The lawyers at Prakken d’Oliveira do not shrink back from complicated or protracted cases and will do their utmost to let justice prevail.

International organizations
The Netherlands is home numerous international organizations who occupy a unique position in the (Dutch) legal order. Prakken d’Oliveira regularly advises employees of such organizations, and if necessary, represents them in internal proceedings within those organizations or in proceedings before the competent international (administrative) tribunals.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Business and Human Rights)
The lawyers at the International law & Human rights department specialize in the legal aspects of corporate social responsibility. They advise in cases concerning the violation of environmental- and human rights by companies nationally and abroad, and can assist you in proceedings before the Dutch courts, international courts or e.g. the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines.

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