(International) activism

“Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden”

Rosa Luxemburg

Prakken d'Oliveira advises and assists (political) activists and organizations who operate in diverse areas: animal rights, squatters' rights and the environmental movement.  We advise labor unions and political organizations both nationally and internationally, and can represent them in legal procedures if necessary. 

The lawyers from the various sections at our firm combine their expertise in national and international cases, provide advice for protest actions and demonstrations in the Netherlands and abroad, and conduct cases in which activists are threatened with extradition for prosecution abroad. 

Prakken d'Oliveira has legally represented clients such as anti-war activists, Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace, the Free Gaza Flotilla, activists who attempted to occupy the Iranian embassy in The Hague, animal rights activists and a number of opposition movements outside the Netherlands.

Michiel Pestman, Liesbeth Zegveld, Tamara Buruma